The Benefits of Fasting " فوائد الصوم "

Fasting is a magnificent healing concept for the body and soul that exceeds

expectations.Here are some :

First the physical benefits:

1.comfort to the organs

2.detoxifies the body

3.dissolves all residues in the body

4.has an amazing affect on restoring health suitable for different environments

 the benefits for the soul :

  1. the Muslim reaches devoutness
  2. clarifies the soul
  3. self control from consuming unhealthy habits and a controlled consumption during preferred timings
  4. happiness to online casino the heart whether it is sooner or later
  5. hindering and tightening the paths for the devil.

May Allah bless us all to fast .Ameen

References :
*The Prophetic Medicine by Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya.   Page 238 cheaper ” the fasting people”
*Tafsir the Holy Quran by Ibn Kathir Aldimashqui.  Alrushd library 191192، \1
Sura Albaquara aya 183

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